Stealthy for Chrome

Please note that these instructions for installing Stealthy on Google Chrome can also be applied to Brave, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers. Simply make sure to use the appropriate installation URL for your preferred browser


Additional configuration

  • To access the configuration page, right-click on the Stealthy icon and select "Options."
    stealthy options
  • The first set of options is the most important, in order to have an ultra-fast fast, reliable, anonymous, secure connection, guaranteed to work with popular services you need to use one of the PRO options, subscription required, get a free trial here.
    pro options
  • The other two options are not as effective and fast, but totally free, choose the appropriate for you, by default you have the "random" choice, used if you want to fake your location to access services that are blocked where you are but available everywhere else (e.g. YouTube in Germany).
  • If the service that you want is specific to some other country the last option is the way to go, and you must provide the country name, as you type a list of available countries will appear, just select the desired one, if is not on the list just try again later, this list changes each 5 minutes according to availability.
    any country option
  • On the "Exceptions" tab, you can create a list of websites that will not be affected by Stealthy. URLs added to this list will be accessed normally, as if the extension is not installed.
  • On the "Misc" tab, you'll find the "Incognito Only" option. If selected, Stealthy will only apply the proxy settings to incognito windows. To use this option, go to the extensions manager page (chrome://extensions/?id=ieaebnkibonmpbhdaanjkmedikadnoje), find Stealthy, and check the "Allow in incognito" box.
    Allow in incognito
  • You also have the option to automatically turn Stealthy on when you start Chrome.
  • Remember to scroll down and press "Save" after making any changes.